SqAC does continue to progress!

I haven’t written about SqAC in this blog for over a year. In that time though, there have been six releases and it has reached version 1.0 feature completeness! See the release notes within the news section of the app itself: https://sqac.fanello.net/#/home/news

Meanwhile, I am not done. I have plans to move the cloud services (authentication & data storage) to AWS, and a redesign of the dance screen on my to-do list.

See you in a square!
– Adam

SqAC at a Crossroad

New Release

Today I have released the latest update to SqAC. The big change: documentation! Each screen now includes documentation on how to use the application. Many programmers slap together code, put it out there, and expect everyone to get it. They are rarely successful. This blog exists so that I, as the author, can connect with possible users. The documentation right in the application is how the app connects with the user. Continue reading “SqAC at a Crossroad”