A new app for square dancing is coming!

As I went through my first caller class, I immediately started thinking: “I could write a program to help me with this.” As I continued to learn, I continued to be just a bit distracted as I evolved my program idea.

In my career as a software engineer, I have written programs for many fields and in doing so learned about those fields. By writing software, I have learned about GPS, car washes, automated cash handling, credit card processing, dental imaging,  allergy treatment, and more. Now I’m seeking to go in depth on my understanding of square dance calling, by writing software to help do it! In the end I hope to have a tool not just to help me learn, but to have a transformative effect making square dancing accessible for more callers and dancers.

In August 2016, I wrote up a formal proposal to get my ideas down, and to run it by a few experts (i.e. experienced callers).  Since then, I have been programming in whatever spare time I could find. There were several false starts around the tooling, and I kept fairly quiet about it because I didn’t want it to turn out to be vaporware.

But now, in June 2017, it is becoming real. There are many features to add still, and the user interface and documentation have a way to go.As a concept though, it is now proven. Real people have danced. It’s working…

Keep an eye on this space. SqAC is coming!

– Adam

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