SqAC is nearing feature completion

I haven’t blogged for two months now, but if you head over to SqAC, you’ll see news about four releases over that time. What’s new? Here’s some highlights…

New Features

  • Documentation! You don’t have to find an outdated manual someplace – its built into every screen.
  • All the controls on the Dance screen now function: dance level, continuation, difficulty.
  • Dance Sessions let you track multiple dancer audiences for classes or dances, right down to which call families the dancers know.
  • Dance your modules on-demand. I use this for teaching.

There are many smaller changes, mentioned in the app’s News screen.

Coming Soon

What is still in on my to-do list?

  1. Full offline support. I made some steps in this direction with the latest release. I promise full support by the end of the year.
  2. Collections rollback to earlier revisions.
  3. Plus calls. Yeah, I only have through Mainstream now. I’ll have to get these in as the class I’m helping with reaches Plus. If you have a need sooner though, let me know and I’ll prioritize this.
  4. Microsoft Edge and Safari support. SqAC might work on these browsers now, but I’ll start testing on them. (I’m currently developing on a Mac and using on Windows 10 and Android, all with the Chrome browser.)
  5. Anonymous user support. Some people may be deterred by the need to sign in. That’s necessary for anything you do to survive a browser cache clearing, but is a barrier to entry that I’d like to remove.


SqAC features are nothing without collections of modules. I have now shared, in public collections, 132 modules. Thirty-six are teaching modules (and growing every week). The largest collection is “Ceder.net Basic selections”, which is now up to 72 modules.  This is a core strength of SqAC: the ability to “memorize” a whole lot more modules that we mere humans can. I expect to see thousands of public modules one day.

Of course the best modules are your modules. Whether you share them publicly or keep them in your own private collections, SqAC is ready to receive.

Keep Calling!

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