SqAC is a Progressive Web App

A Progressive Web App is a application that uses modern web capabilities to deliver a native-like experience for users,
while still working as an ordinary web app on older systems.
SqAC is now a real Progressive Web App (PWA)!

What does this mean?

  • Visit SqAC a couple of times, and your browser should offer to install it.
    Exactly how this looks depends on your operating system. See the screenshots below for what it looks like an Android.In Windows 10, it installs to the desktop, can be dragged to the taskbar, and opens in its own window. On a Mac, it appears in Launchpad but still opens in a Chrome tab.
  • You can run SqAC again while offline, and it’ll just work!
    (Saving changes while offline will come soon.)

The bad news is, only Chrome and Firefox fully supports PWA right now. Microsoft and Apple are working on it though, with support expected in 2018. Microsoft is even promising to list PWAs in the Windows App Store!

Keep Calling!

My square dance desktop. See a familiar logo?My SD desktop. See a familiar logo?

Here it is running… Notice the distinct lack of anything resembling a browser?

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