About Us


We are a couple of nature loving, square dance’n, DJ’ing, egg farming elves. Here we share some of our interests.


We have photo albums spread all over the Internet. Here’s some links to them:

Egg Farming!

Yes sir, we are farmers too. Small scale, mind you. If you’d like some farm fresh eggs from well treated (spoiled?) hens, let us know! We usually have some extra to sell. Chickens: The pets that make you breakfast!

Square Dancing

We met square dancing, and have been enthusiastic promoters of this American folk dance! We are members of two clubs, check them out!

Now we’re callers too! We have a separate web site for our calling and DJ’ing business:


Square Auto-Choreographer (SqAC)

Adam has written an application to help square dance callers! You can find it here! or read about the technology in the blog.

Software Development

By day, Adam is a software developer at Oncia, a leading AWS consultant. This site features his tech blog.