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Adam Fanello's Blog

Adam's blog as a professional software architect.

Adam & Diana's Photo Gallery

Featuring our extensive wedding albums!

Barn Dance Party

Adam & Diana are your Southern California callers and DJs for your party, community, barn dance, square dance, and any occasion!

Santa Kevin

Your Concierge Santa Claus


Square Dance Singing Call Formatted Cue Sheets


The Square Auto-Choreographer (SqAC, pronounced "squawk") is a computer program to assist a caller, or even a knowledgeable dancer, in calling patter.


Back in the 1990s, Adam Fanello produced two Bulletin Board Systems (BBS) products for the Commodore 128. You can still download Centipede 128!

Visit the BugSoft site

Adam 2001

The original, circa 2001

Adam's Silly Little Homepage