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Centipede Lite

Freeware, feature limited version of Centipede.

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Fcopyer is a generic file copier for Commodore Systems.

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Switcher! Maker

Switcher! is a two-fold programmer's utility for the Commodore 128. With it, you can easily swap between two independant 80c screens, and have up to 7 BASIC programs in memory at once for editing.  This file is a BASIC loader program, which creates the ML file in whatever area of memory you wish. This allows Switcher! to coexist with other utilities in memory.

Secure V1.0

Secure v1.0 is a program which allows you to limit the access of users to only Windows  v3.1x program groups of your choice. It was designed for use in a school environment where the instructor or lab manager does not want to grant the students enough access to reconfigure the system, format the hard drive, or do any other damaging activity.

How to Download

Browsers don't know what to do with the files without extensions. In most cases, if you just click on the file your browser will attempt to display it to you. What you want to do is download the files.

How this is done depends on your browser and operating system:


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