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Welcome to Bugsoft.

Bugsoft is an endeavor by Adam "Ant" Fanello, with some help of others, to create software for the masses, just for the fun of it. Sometimes, we even manage to make a little money doing it!

As you can see by looking at this Bugsoft Organizational Listing, Bugsoft isn't a big corporation, nor is there any attempt at becoming one. We all have real jobs, and just do this because we are insane.

Past major projects from Bugsoft have included Color 64's Version 128 BBS, Centipede BBS and the ComLink network. Many smaller programs have also been created by Bugsoft, a few of which are offered for free downloading from this site. Most of these past projects have dealt with the Commodore 128 computer.

Bugsoft is looking to take a leap forward about 15 years, with upcoming cross-platform projects using Java technology.

So why the name Bugsoft?!

The name was first conceptualized as a joke - based on the nick-name used by its founder "Ant". The name stuck though, not only to show a sense of humor (and to deflate sometimes over blown egos), but as a sign of Bugsoft's commitment to only producing quality software.

"Bugs work for us!"
"No unauthorized bugs allowed!"

Who better to catch a bug than another bug! It's silly, yes. But Bugsoft's chief programmer, Ant, prides himself on being able to think like a bug, and so he can track down and exterminate those software bugs like no other! (Some think he's nuts, but it works, so we don't argue.)
Most importantly though, Bugsoft carefully engineers programs, rather than hacking, to create code that is efficient, solid, and inhospitable to software bugs.

If you have any suggestions or comments we would like to hear from you, just click on our mascot, Bugsy, or one of our two resident "bugs".


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